Ten! Diez! Dix! Tsen! Decem!

Hot DAMN, I’ve been busy! It’s been under wraps for the last several months, but I’ve been working on a new website project that finally went live yesterday. We’re not announcing it in a big way yet, but I feel okay writing about it here because there’s literally nobody reading this. I see the charts! I know how you’re finding me here (mostly searching for pictures of me and my feet? Why are you guys googling that?)! I’m totally cool with my quiet internet spot over here, but if there’s something that you’d like to see on this blog, you should tell me about it. Do you want a tutorial for the bracelets I’m wearing in that photo? Do you want little articles and thoughts? A peek into my daily life? Videos? Photos? Doodles? Do y’all want me to revive posting outfit photos like I used to on my other blog? I just wanna make you happy, stranger.

Anyways, the new site! We’re doing this thing where we pick the Top 10 best/funniest things that people submit each day. There’s also a fancy points/rewards system and overall I’m just really excited to work hard on this thing. It opens up even more possibilities and opportunities to get creative and make cool things for others to enjoy. And that is my favorite thing to do ever! Plus, our homepage looks damn sexy.

Pretty neat, huh? I’ve been preoccupied with this project lately so posting here has been minimal, but I really am genuinely curious what you’d like to see on this blog. If you care or have any opinion, let me know! Just please don’t say “pictures of your feet.”

About Schmal Talk

Nice girl, foul mouth. Writer, cat video connoisseur, chronic internet user.


  1. Aninnymouse

    Don’t think that no one reads your blog. You have at least one fan in me. Your writing is charming and funny. Also, you’re cute.

    You should write whatever sparks your interest. As long as it’s honest and written with your usual humour. I bet that a “day in the life” would be quite entertaining.

  2. Hey Erin! Awesome work on the website, I was actually wondering why the old one was not updated so much! To answer your question, I guess what we like to see here is what is happening out there for you (great work stuff, animal pictures, funny thoughts,…) Since I live far far from where you are, I’m curious!
    Have a nice day :)


    • You have a nice day too, Kit the Cat! I’ll just keep sharing little tidbits then and branch out into more stuff gradually. :) Thanks for the little note and for reaffirming that I’m going in the right direction! <3

  3. Pedro

    Whats up little erin, I always take a quick look here once a week or so, it’s fun to see your daily life and read about your thoughts. I especially liked one of your posts about yoga, knitting and girly shit. anyways, keep up the good work, kisses from brazil.

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